Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Faith of Another Kind

And when the disparity cannot be tolerated anymore? Revolution. And from the extreme trauma, seeds of a decades long simmering crisis exploited by the insecure privileged living in exile.

Where? Caribbean island nation, a desert land legendary for religious confrontation, a compassionate high mountain people sacrificed to keep the world from exploding, literally.

And what might we do that is different? To start, maybe tune out the constant drumbeat of 'too complex'. The now sickening refrain, "see, they are worse than we so the bad things we did and would like to do again are not as bad, help us."

And the beat goes on … until … Great minds looking to lead and be led by fresh thinking. With the lights on, and looking at each other rather than collectively at a mostly misunderstood symbol. No more 'spiritual' excuses for efficient violence.

Each time the vivid imaginary journey connected to a rich experience of meaning and back a little more truth be known. And, importantly, easy to keep and accumulate.

Asked not to trust each other in the name of … Something does not seem right here. Abdicate the most precious of human attributes … is that a good thing? Don't ask. Well, I for one can't wait to get out of here then. And in the meantime if denying my humanity will help me believe all will be better afterwords. Sorry, my heart does not want to go there…

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