Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Dalles

A big company not at all reluctant to use their clout to do the right thing by sentient beings (well at least humans to start) has a remarkable ability to listen to higher value regardless of its source.

When a human demonstrates a capacity to generate something worth indexing, they know, or at least some part of their being does. Robust listening is just plain cool. Scaled it is at least Mach 2. Over time, the Great Firewall is no match. Something about unconstrained teamwork, I suspect.

BPA, smart enough to put some big fiber on their rights-of-way. Governing body moral enough to compensate the victims of colonization by first with land and self governance. But to make them whole a new industry market? It works on a number of levels in the renegade province known for in-your-face counterpoint … manifest.

Magic pipe, proven in November last year demonstrates feasibility for cost-effective infrastructure deployment. We are not intimidated by gigabit naysayers. Its been done here before. Remember what you did up the gorge? And how you did it? You probably know something about how the computing heavy hitters did their thing around last Thanksgiving.

So, are you listening to this? The sooner you hear it, the more I will believe that listening has been scaled to the next energy level. Ignore this message at your peril. Their is a plan to make it available even to Joe Sixpack in the not to distant future, if necessary. Heh, heh ...

If the baby sees the Teddy Bear's ear, a causal chain has been set up that will be very difficult to resist … trust me.

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